Space3pl enables e-commerce businesses of all sizes to scale up and grow without worrying about operational limitations. Space3pl is an end-to-end warehousing and logistics solution for E-commerce businesses across the region, it provides the ability for businesses focus on growing core business and customer acquisition & retention.

Our Histroy

How Space3pl Started?

Space3pl was founded in 2022 to help start-up and SME businesses realize their full potential. There is a serious lack of quality, trusted multichannel fulfilment providers, and that’s how the idea of Space3pl was born!

Since then we’ve found that the Space3pl model applies to all sizes and types of eCommerce business, and we have grown our team here at Space3pl. Over the past year, we’ve taken on 10 new starters to join the Space3pl family, and there are no signs of stopping there!

Our Vision

Space3pl is all about productivity. Our vision is to create a seamless experience for our customers. As we know how much this is difficult to manage an E-commerce business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many e-commerce businesses to grow with our services because we help you automate your workflow and save your precious time. It is super easy to set up any work-flow automation.

Why Space3pl?

Space3pl is a third-party logistics company that offers inventory control and order fulfillment services with great accuracy and in a seamless experience. Space3pl is known for its top rating ranging from SME to great ecommerce stores. We have helped many business find their true potential and grow together.


Space3pl is all about values that we bring to our customers.


Space3pl is all about fairness in order to maintain the integrity. We speak with clarity, honesty, frankness and transparency to our customers, to our partners and to our colleagues. We do what we say we will


We make bold decisions with a focus on growing the business and striving to be leaders in our field. We show up to be our best for our customers and each other. We all share in the success of Space3pl. 


We are wholeheartedly committed to our mission and our customers. We aren’t robots but human beings with a single-minded determination to deliver to exceptional standards. 

Our Culture

Space3pl is all about being fair open and innovative in their solution and getting the best solutions for their customers.


At Space3pl we strive to create an environment and culture where people can be themselves, work together and have fun together. Our services are for anyone and so is our workplace. ​ ​We hire the best humans, provide them with excellent training and then set them free. We are passionate about nurturing our talent and look to ensure that all colleagues are given equal opportunities to build their careers here at Space3pl. If you have a desire to succeed you will fit right in. We are committed to our values: Integrity, Focus, Ambition and Solidarity. These underpin everything we think, do and say. ​ ​Everyone is welcome at Space3pl – all we ask is that you bring your authentic self to work each day and love being part of the Space3pl family.

How Space3pl Helps you?

Automation at its best:

Space3pl is helping a great number of ecommerce business holders by automating their process of order fulfillment and inventory management.

It is very easy to keep track of everything and get everything sorted while working on the important tasks of business. You can easily generate invoices, create picking and packing lists, low-stock alerts, track and manage your inventory across multiple sales channels and much more using auto mode.

Seamless Integration with top business apps

Space3pl supports integration with popular apps like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento. Any businesses running on these platforms which are almost a great number of businesses you can have space3pl as your only solution for your ecommerce business. Space3pl Integration with these platforms helps in stock counts earning order history and relevant data.

Assign Roles and specify tasks:

Our software comes with the features to add team members and specify specific roles and restrict activity as per your needs. Just assign user rules and get everyone onboard and progress every activity.

Grow your business with space3pl

It is essential to automate your order and inventory for any ecommerce business owner and with space3pl on your side the process becomes much easier everything is just one click away and you don’t have to worry about printing slips and keep the records space3pl offer you everything on a single platform.